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By Bill McCoy

May 27th, 2005

I just got back from a catalog conference in Orlando and was to Vegas for two days just before that for the Hardware Show.   I wish I could say I had seen lots of Pontiac news while I was away but it did not happen.   So this article may be a little far a field in its scope.  

  • Mark Neumann has recently heard from Tom Sherwood in Tucson that they have located the director of the movie “Two Lane Blacktop”. There will be a showing of the movie in a theater in Tucson at 8:00 PM on Saturday June 18 th . The movie was filmed in 1970 or 71 featuring a 55 Chevrolet and a 70 Orbit Orange GTO as they race across the country. If I recall correctly the actors are Jackson Brown and Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys.   It sounds like it could be a fun time. Tom is inviting our club members down to meet the director and to see the movie. Watch our newsletter for more details.
  • Congratulations to Burt Kratzer for the picture of his Judge in this months “Pontiac Enthusiast” noting the plate NEXCASE parked next to Bill Dunne of California with his plate saying NEXKASE on page 18
  • Mark also has informed me he was at the Pontiac dealer this week getting his self-adjusting right outside mirror to perform properly on his new Bonneville GXP.   He asked the dealer when the Solstice would be in.   They are now saying it will be November!!! Great for Arizona driving but NOT for the rest of the country.   Convertibles and snow just don't seem to sell cars very well.
  • On the final episode of “The Apprentice” this last week Donald Trump mentioned that Pontiac had sold7500 of the Solstice already.   He was insinuating that it was due to the car being featured on his show.   I wonder how many of those orders will still be good 6 months from now?
  • Check out the new June issue of the GTOAA newsletter “The Legend”.   They reprinted yours truly's article about John DeLorean.   It looks good.
  • The GTOAA Nationals will be in St Louis this year June 28 th to July 3 rd .Speakers there will be Arne Beswick, Pontiac drag racer, Milt Schornack to talk about Royal Pontiac, Art Fitzpatrick to show his Pontiac art from the 60s.Our own President Dan Long is scheduled to talk about Arrowhead Performance.Way to go Dan! Jim Wangers and Paul Zazarine will give a talk. Jim Butler will talk about his company. John Sawruk will talk about his years at Pontiac in the 60s and 70s. Plus many more speakers and events.  
  • According to the new “Pontiac Enthusiast” G6 convertible has been pushed back also to early 2006.   Maybe it will be late enough so it can miss the winter season?
  • GM has just closed it Lansing assembly plant early.   It had been in operation on this site for over a 100 years. The last of the Grand Ams have been produced at this site.They have not been selling well mainly due to the fact the G6 has gotten all the publicity.

Until next time…The "Real" Bill McCoy

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