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By Bill McCoy

June 10th, 2005

GM has started to put their GM badges on cars throughout the company. The G6 is the first car to have that done. In 2006 all GM cars and trucks will have the GM badges on the exterior.   They have found that many customers don't even make the connection that certain models are part of the GM family.   Could it be that many people do not even know who makes a G6?  

This brings up many thoughts about branding of the many cars that GM puts out there.   The famous Chevy Blazer name is going away.   Say good-bye to; Bonneville, Grand Am, Camaro (maybe returning?) Firebird, Cavalier, El Dorado , Riviera , Seville , all the Oldsmobile names etc. Wow great names with many millions of dollars spent developing their brand names and their recognition factor.  

So here are the new names with a little poetic license defining their meanings on my part:

Pontiac : G6 , (Something you do when you have a stomach ache or lower GI problems?)

Solstice , (Salsa and ice?)

Vibe (What you get when you need new tires.)

Torrent (Isn't that what you do with an empty apt?)

Buick: Lacrosse , ( Wisconsin ?)

Rendezvous , (At the Dew Drop Inn?),

Rainier , (Isn't that a weather term.)

Lucerne , (A cross between a toilet and concerned?)

LeSabre (How did that one survive?)

Terraza (Isn't that some kind flooring material?)

Cadillac: CTS, SRX, STS, XLR, ESV, EXT , (Looks like Cadillac found an eye chart.)

Escalade, (Isn't that like those moving steps in dept stores?)

V Series (Something from outer space? Or a series of vegetable drinks?)

Chevrolet:, Cobalt , (Like a rock or lump of coal? Could Lignite be coming?)

Aveo, (New kind of cookie from Nabisco?)

Avalanche, (Something falling down hill?)

SSR, (Secret Service Retired?)

At least Chevy did bring back the Malibu , Monte Carlo , Impala, etc. after some years of disappearance. Maybe there is some hope. The point of all this is that most of the people out there now are totally confused or have no idea what those letters or names stand for.   Even many of us that are interested in the car business don't know which half these names represent.   Let's hope GM finds their way soon.   At the current rate they will run out of employees to layoff sometime in the next five to ten years.

GM did just announce they are laying off another 25,000 workers over the next 3 years.   They will close at least four more factories. Buick and Pontiac will have fewer but stronger entries in the future according to Rick Wagoner and will be more focused on niche markets.   Is this the beginning of a slow fazing out of divisions? We hope not but…

GM needs to be more innovative in styling offering more exciting cars that people will pay attention too.   At least the UAW said they would work with GM to try to work out a different program on retirement and benefits.   GM's problem is that they are a shrinking company that has to support a large retiree base.   In many ways it is somewhat like the problem our government has with Social Security.   Too many retiring and not enough paying in. The other cause of this problem is free trade that allows every automaker in the world to undercut US automakers.   It's us against the world and the world is winning in the auto making business.

One last bit of insanity before I sign off here. I sent this e-mail to Matt Madonna on June first about his displaying a topless model on our club calendar this month.

----- Original Message -----

From: bmcco@Skymall.com

To: mgm01@cox.net

Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2005 10:51 AM

Subject: Topless Calendar Shot

So I turned over the page of the calendar over my desk here at work this morning to reveal this shocking display of one of the most beautiful TOPLESS MODELS I have ever seen.  She doesn't even look here age for one born in 1964.  How do you think I am supposed to concentrate with this gorgeous model looking back with no top and the lake behind and the palm trees?   What a perfect figure so fit and trim ready to go out anytime you want to take her! I'm just getting too excited thinking about it. Are they planning to make a movie for this calendar girl too?

I must say I am very concerned that some of the more conservative people around the office may be offended by this brazen display!  But I just can't stop looking.


From Matt Madonna,


my once proud and virginal white gto has now turned red from blushing in embarrassment. she thought she was alone on that deserted (in tempe ????) beach. but some unscrupulous paparazzi must have been lurking in the dense underbrush (in papago park??), snapped the pictures and sold them to some grocery store checkout rag.

and i don't want to know just how excited you are!!!!!

what to do, what to do??????????????? a new paint job, get used to the new color, blushing red, what's an owner to do????????????????????

Until next time… from,

The "Real" Bill McCoy

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