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Price Guides

Sports Car Market (Oct 2005)

  Low High
1972 GTO $10,600 $16,000
1972 GTO 455 $12,200 $18,400
1973 GTO $ 7,500 $11,500
1974 GTO NA NA

NADA (Nov 2005)

  Average High
1972 HT $20,900 $36,100
1973 HT $12,200 $25,200
1974 HT $12,400 $20,300
** all with  4 speed and 455ci

Hemmings (Apr 2005)

  Average High
1972 GTO $10,600 $16,000
1972 GTO 455 $12,500 $19,000
1973 GTO $ 6,500 $11,000
1974 GTO $ 5,500 $ 8,500

Old Car Price Guide (Aug 2005)

  #3 VG #2 Fine #1 Exc.
1972 GTO $8,300 $13,000 $18,500
1973 GTO $6,500 $10,200 $14,500
1974 GTO $3,600 $5,600 $8,000

November 2005

This is the fifth and last in a series of articles covering GTO values in the market place for 2005. Data is gathered from several sources (magazines, auctions, price guides, etc.) and reported in this column. There are so many variables when determining value that we can’t get too specific and at best we might be able to have an idea of the value range. Please note the data from these sources are a lagging indicator of average prices.

January is car auction month in Scottsdale and surrounding areas, classic car prices will be reflected in Mar & Apr 2006 publications.

This month covers 1972, 1973 & 1974 GTOs.


1972 Conv



Jan 05

1972 HT

Kruse-Ft Lauderdale


Jan 05

1973 HT



Feb 05

1974 HT



Apr 05

1972 – The last ‘true’ GTO?

Many enthusiasts feel that 1972 was the last of the true GTOs. A new LeMans/GTO body was supposed to have been ready for 1972, but a strike put it back a year. So, the previous body was mildly restyled and used again. Since the GTO had been relegated back to option status on the LeMans, it was available as both a hardtop and a coupe. The GTO coupe production was very limited, accounting for only 134 cars out of the year’s 5,807 total. The 455 HO engine was still available and ten coupes received it. Five more coupes were fitted with the standard 455 V-8. A Ram Air system was available with the 455 HO engine, which was rated at 300 net horsepower. Customers, however, could still get a big-block, Ram Air, four-speed GTO.

1973 – A new body, another option

The GTO was back in 1973, but as a LeMans option. The LeMans received a new body for 1973. The styling, especially the rear quarter panels and rear quarter windows, was noticeably different from the direction of previous Pontiac A-bodies. The GTO option was offered on the LeMans coupe and sport coupe. (The sport coupe had louvers in place of rear quarter windows.)

Two GTO engines remained – the 400 and 455 – but horsepower was down to 230 and 250, respectively. Compression had been dropped again to 8.1:1. Only the automatic transmission was allowed with the 455, but the 400 could be ordered with a three- or four-speed manual transmission or the automatic. All LeMans options were available on the GTO. The two-door coupe accounted for 494 sales and the sport coupe attracted 4,312 customers, for a total of 4,806 1973 GTOs.

1974 – The end of the line

Another body style change marked the 1974 GTO. The GTO option was shifted to the Pontiac Ventura platform for what turned out to be the GTO’s final year for 30 years. The sole engine for the ’74 GTO was a 350 V-8 with 7.6:1 compression and 200 horsepower. A four-speed manual transmission was still optional. A rearward facing “shaker” hood scoop, similar to the Firebird Trans Am, allowed cold air into the Quadra-Jet four-barrel carburetor under full acceleration.

Given the toughened insurance and government restrictions, the ’74 GTO made a valiant effort to keep the muscle car spirit alive. The smaller displacement engine avoided the insurance surcharges on big-displacement engines. The 1974 GTO sold considerably better than the ’73 model. The unique-for-a-GTO hatchback accounted for 1,723 sales and the coupe with its traditional trunk sold 5,335 units. The total of 7,058 was encouraging, but not enough to continue the GTO option.

The legend lives on

The GTO ceased production after the 1974 model year, but its legend remained as strong as ever. After many beautiful muscle cars were quickly cast aside during the seventies energy crisis, those same cars soon became very desirable collector cars.

The GTO was at the forefront of the muscle car restoration hobby. In 1982, the GTO Association of America was established to preserve and promote the original muscle car.

An aftermarket industry evolved to serve needs of GTO restorers. Many of the same people who owned or wanted a GTO in the sixties proudly drive them today. It takes a great car to fuel that kind of desire for 40 years.

The GTO helped to establish Pontiac as the performance and “excitement” division of General Motors. With the rebirth of the 2004 GTO, Pontiac continues to be at the forefront in terms of creating driving excitement for the 21st century.

More than half a million GTOs were produced during its initial 11-model-year run. Totals ranged from a high of 96,946 in 1966 to a low of 4,806 in 1973.
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