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Volume 1, No. 3,  08.05.09

Hello Cactus GTOers,

Hope everyone lucky enough (!) to be in the Valley this summer is getting through these hot 110-113 degree heat waves. Not a great time to be driving our vintage GTOs, but the good thing is summer is now at the beginning of the end. Two more months and we should see cooler weather.

I saw a lot of that on my two-week vacation to Alaska this past month. We dodged rain drops for most of the trip, but jeans and sweatshirts, sometimes, were the norm. I looked in vain for some old Goats, but came up short (other than the mountain goats near Mt. McKinley). In our travels, however, through many small Alaskan towns, we saw plenty of resto projects in the back yards.

Text Box: Save the Date! 
At the Meeting on Sept. 30th, We'll have our annual Calendar of Events, a guest speaker or two, and some nice giveaways.
Text Box:  GTOs crowd the Nutter Center in Dayton, OH for the GTOAA/POCI Nationals. It's one of the 20 photos that you will find in the Cactus GTO Club Gallery.

Kruse in HOT water

Club leadership has been alerted to a couple of disputes that have occurred with Kruse International and individuals who sold cars at Kruse's Scottsdale and Tucson auction. The issue has spilled over into the general media, with a story about the problems from Channel 12 news. In essence, the sellers have said that Kruse has delayed payments to them after their cars were sold. After Kruse failed to make the payments, the sellers got Channel 12 involved and a story was broadcast on the local news station.

Board of Directors

President: Mark Neumann ~ Vice-Presidents: Charlie Miller, Shano Sancibrian

Doug Holton, Kevin Akbari, Dan Huskinsson & Murray Nevin


Treasurer: Thom Mohr

Secretary: Tony D’Angelo

Webmaster: Scott Svenheim

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The reporter's efforts to intercede and act as an intermediary between Kruse and the sellers hasn't seemed to help and despite assurances from Kruse, the sellers still don't have their money. The Board will look into this further and contact Kruse regarding their plans for an auction in 2010. Read the story on our site HERE.

Text Box: Critics Say Clunkers Program Isn't Very Green ~ find a link to the story on our Cactus GTO ‘News & Events’ page.

"Cars in the barn" still are out there. I'll share a few photos in the next eNews.

One way to escape the heat is the "Hot Summer Nights Indoor/Outdoor Classic Car Show" on August 15 at the Home and Garden Expo Center in Peoria. This event is co-sponsored by the Arizona Automobile Hobbyist Council, an organization our club supports. The AAHC is a watchdog group for legislation that impacts our hobby. More information on the car show is available here.

Meanwhile, you will want to feast your eyes on the collection of photos that Club members Dan Huskinsson and Jim and Karen Zeivel brought back from the GTOAA and POCI Nationals, held in Dayton, Ohio last month. Jim will be preparing a photo collage for us for our September 30 meeting.  Here is a link to our GTOAA/POCI slideshow in our club Photo Gallery that shows a few of Dan's 150+ photo collection from the event.

Text Box: Wednesday—September 30th
Our first Cactus GTO Club meeting for the Fall.
7:00pm—Denny’s Restaurant, Hwy 143 & 
University, Tempe, AZ—Don’t Miss It! 
More Details

Special thanks to Dan and the Zeivels for representing our club at the GTOAA Nationals, and to Webmaster Scott Svenheim for putting the slideshow together.

The Club Board of Directors and Officers will be meeting this month to plan for our 2009-2010 year, including preparing our Calendar of Events, working on the club budget, discussions about the Kruse auction, and our membership drive. Club members are always welcome to attend Board meetings. Details of time, date, and place are coming soon, stay tuned to The Board is looking forward to developing new club activities. Let's make it a great year! Mark Neumann ~ President ~ Cactus GTOs Inc.