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Message from the President

Volume 1, No. 9,  12.24.09

Dear club members,

We had a wonderful time on Dec. 13 at our club’s annual holiday party, hosted this year by Charlie and Alice Miller. The food and company were terrific, and we had some great

2009-10 Board of Directors and Officers

President: Mark E. Neumann

Vice-President(s): Charlie Miller, Shano Sancibrian

Secretary: Tony D’Angelo

Treasurer: Thom Mohr

Board of Directors

Murray Nevin, Dan Huskinsson, Kevin Akbari, Doug Holton

Webmaster: Scott Svenheim

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Cactus GTO Club Leadership

giveaways. We also held our monthly meeting; minutes were sent via email to you this past week, and they are also posted on our website. Some key points of discussion:

- Our club’s participation in the Kruse Automobile Auction. The new dates are Jan. 15-17 at the Glendale Renaissance Hotel, with the 14th for lot setup. Checking their website (, they have 51 cars registered (no Pontiacs yet). It appears that car numbers will go from 701-1,000 on Saturday and 1001-1300 on Sunday. Club Board member Dan Huskinsson has already done a site visit.

Text Box: Order our 2010 Cactus GTO Club 
Calendar now!
Our 2010 club calendar is filled with some of the nicest GTOs in the Valley. Club price is $12. 
To place your order, contact 
Tony D'Angelo or call 

sold 20 club calendars to non-club members!) Let Tony know if you want one or more ASAP. Special thanks to Scott Svenheim, our webmaster, and Tony for getting this project done – and all those who donated photos.


- We had a very successful Turkey Drive at Thanksgiving. Organized by Charlie Miller, we delivered 27 turkeys to the Phoenix Rescue Mission. Thank you to all who participated.


- Membership dues for 2010 are now due. Visit our website to download a membership application. At $1 per month, the club is a great deal.


Our next club meeting is Jan. 27; our next scheduled event after Kruse is a club party on Feb. 14 (Valentine’s Day, for the guys who need a reminder…) at the home of Brooke and Dave Campbell’s. Put it on your calendar!


Check our website each week ( for updates on upcoming events, car shows, special events, etc. If you miss a meeting, you can always check our meeting minutes in the "Members Only" section. Just include the user name – cactusgto – and the password – goatluvrs. Our club roster is there as well.


The Board and Club Officers wish all our Club members a safe and happy holiday! We’ll see you in 2010!              Mark Neumann

In The News...

We have updated our news section on our website with new stories involving Pontiacs. Take a look at a feature from Motor Trend on the GM/Holden relationship (featuring the GTO and the G8) here, and a special tribute to the Trans-Am (here). 

We also have some details on the $160,000 GTO ‘supercar' developed by Jim Wangers. Click here ( 20GTO.htm) for more info.

Upcoming Events

January 15-17 (NEW DATES!)

Kruse International Automobile Auction

Renaissance Glendale Hotel & Spa - Glendale

The Cactus GTO Club needs workers to help stage and drive cars for the auction. If you can help, please call or email: Tony D'Angelo  

Classic Car Auctions in Arizona in 2010 (click here for the complete list on

Text Box: Only three copies left of the GTO Book!
This coffee-table book has beautiful photos tracking the history of the GTO, and detailed articles about its rise as the Great One in muscle car history. From MBI Publishing, the book is 335 pages and is 12x11 in size. The GTO Club discounted price is $31.00, including UPS charges. The book usually costs $50.00, For more information, contact Charlie Miller at

While we have been in communication with Kruse, we still do not have a signed contract. However, I would ask that you let Tony D’Angelo, who is managing the Kruse worker list, know whether you are available to help ( Once we get the contract, signed we’ll let you know.

- The 2010 Cactus GTO Club calendars are in and available @ $12 each. We’ve already distributed 40 with a second order on its way. (Special note: CafePress has also