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Volume 2, No. 2,  02.22.10

2009-10 Board of Directors and Officers

President: Mark E. Neumann

Vice-President(s): Charlie Miller, Shano Sancibrian

Secretary: Tony D’Angelo

Treasurer: Thom Mohr

Board of Directors

Murray Nevin, Dan Huskinsson, Kevin Akbari, Doug Holton

Webmaster: Scott Svenheim

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Cactus GTO Club Leadership

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The latest issue of "The Legend," the monthly publication of the GTO Association of America, includes an article about a 1964 GTO convertible, with 2006 underpinnings. Also included in this issue is a feature on Jim Wanger's "new" 1969 GTO supercar. For information on joining the GTOAA, click here.

Upcoming Events

Feb. 24: Cactus GTO Club monthly meeting

March 14: Breakfast Cruise to Tortilla Flat

March 28: Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac Car Show


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Dear club members,

When it rains it pours… but that didn't stop Cactus GTO Club members from attending the AAHC "The Hobbyist Dream" Car Show this weekend. It poured rain Saturday morning, but after the skies cleared the show still brought in 216 cars. Hats off to Cactus GTO Club members Charlie Miller and Dan Huskinsson who helped the AAHC organize the event.

Dan will have more details Wednesday night at our meeting on the outcome of the event.

You would have heard all about it at our Club's Pizza night, which took place Saturday night after the show at Barro's Pizza at 40th Street and Greenway in Phoenix. We had a hearty bunch of 20 club members come despite the inclement weather to talk cars and share stories.

Thanks to all for coming on a wet night, and to Charlie and Shano for setting it up.

There are a bunch of car shows coming up over the next two months. Click here for a car show calendar. We'll have flyers available at our meeting Wednesday night at Denny's.

And, when you come to pay your dinner bill, write out a check for your 2010 dues, too. Your dues are critical for club operations. Don't forget  -- we are offering a special deal: $20 buys you your 2010 dues and our 2010 Club Calendar! See you there, Mark.

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Don't forget!

Our monthly club meeting, this Wednesday,

Feb. 24, 7 pm, at Denny's!