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Volume 2, No. 1,  01.24.10

2009-10 Board of Directors and Officers

President: Mark E. Neumann

Vice-President(s): Charlie Miller, Shano Sancibrian

Secretary: Tony D’Angelo

Treasurer: Thom Mohr

Board of Directors

Murray Nevin, Dan Huskinsson, Kevin Akbari, Doug Holton

Webmaster: Scott Svenheim

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Hagerty sponsored a special seminar on the grounds of the Russo-Steele auction on Jan. 21. A panel of collector car experts, including Drew Alcazar, Dave Kinney, Colin Comer, Todd Wartman, Rob Sass, and appraiser Donald Osborn, led the two-hour long discussion. McKeel Hagerty, co-CEO of Hagerty Insurance, moderated the program. You can find information on collector car value at the Hagerty website, We will also have a review of the seminar at our Jan. 27 meeting.

Upcoming Events

Jan. 27: Cactus GTO Club monthly meeting

Feb. 13: Pontiac Night at the Pavilions

Feb. 20: AAHC Car Show/Pizza Cruise Night

Feb. 24: Cactus GTO Club monthly meeting

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Our monthly club meeting, this Wednesday, Jan. 27, 7 pm, at Denny's!

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Well, another Kruse auction is history….but we weren't there

Dear club members,

As you all know, Kruse International decided not to hire our club this month to stage the cars for their annual Scottsdale auction. This breaks a tradition for us that goes back over 20 years. Kruse's

decision was based on economics – they let us know that, due to the small size of the auction this year and their own financial problems, they were going to use Kruse employees to get the job done.

While I believe we did everything we could to secure the contract this year, perhaps, based on all the bad news coming from the financially strapped company, it may have been for the best. Your Board and Officers have been discussing other fundraising options for

and adding Monday as the second day.

You can read news articles from the Valley-wide classic car auctions here at our website.

Hoping everyone's New Year has gotten off to a wonderful start.  Pam and I spent our New Year's in Las Vegas. Aside from seeing the collector cars at the Imperial Palace (above) and strolling through Roger Penske's Ferrari dealership, we also caught up with former club members Len and Sandy Rickards at Jimmy Buffet's

2010/2011, and we will cover those more in detail at our Jan. 27 meeting, along with our 2010 activities calendar.  Please attend.

We're glad many of you have put in the time to help out club members Bob Paris and John Harlin at the Russo-Steele this week to satisfy your "hunger" for driving some great classics. Clearly, with the mishap on site from the bad weather, I'm sure R-S owners Drew and Josephine Alcazar appreciated the help our club members provided. The auction managed to re-open on Sunday,

Margaritaville (right). Len is very involved in the Southern Nevada classic car scene, including as a feature writer for Rod News. His latest article on a 1958 Dodge pickup custom can be found at

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