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Volume 1, No. 5,  10.05.09

We're back!

The Cactus GTO Club held its first meeting of the fall last Wednesday, Sept. 30. We had a great turnout, and spent about two hours catching up on "What you did on your summer vacation" and talking about our activities for this coming year.

If you want to keep in touch with what the Club has planned, this newsletter each week will be a good resource. But get more details at our Web site, Webmaster Scott Svenheim keeps the site up-to-date with club activities, important news impacting our hobby, and contact information.

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Cactus GTO Club Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, Oct. 28, 7 pm, Denny's Restaurant Hwy 143 & 
University, Tempe, AZ—Don’t Miss It! 
More Details

The cool weather is finally here! Get out and enjoy your Goat.

Here are some great activities.

• Saturday, October 10: Pontiac Night at the Pavilions

• Saturday, October 10: Cruising on Central  Info: 602.843.3545

Sunday, October 11: Our first Club activity of the season:

The Goodyear Autofest Show and Charity Drive. Managed by Club member and vice-president Charlie Miller. Club members get $10 off registration PLUS a $5 food coupon!!

Proceeds go to important Arizona charities.

For more information, contact Charlie Miller at

2009-10 Board of Directors and Officers

President: Mark E. Neumann

Vice-President(s): Charlie Miller, Shano Sancibrian

Secretary: Tony DeAngelo

Treasurer: Thom Mohr

Board of Directors

Murray Nevin, Dan Huskinsson, Kevin Akbari, Doug Holton

Webmaster: Scott Svenheim

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In addition, the Club has set up a Members Only section (See button at top of home page). Using a username (cactusgto) and password (goatluvrs), members can have access to the club meeting minutes, club bylaws (recently updated), a directory of Board members and Officers, etc. Scott just recently posted our latest Club roster, so you can find members near where you live, and the most recent membership roster from the national GTO Association of America.

Stay tuned to the Web site for upcoming club activities. It's time for cruising!

Mark Neumann - President


Memories from GTOAA/POCI Nationals, Dayton, OH.  -

A Photo Tribute

Cactus GTO Club members Dan Huskinson and Jim Zeivel and Karen Horcher traveled this summer to Dayton to take in what may have been the biggest Pontiac car show ever.

You don't want to miss their photo

slide presentation from the show! Jim will also summarize information he gleaned on Pontiac carburetion. See photo like this from the GTOAA/POCI convention at our Oct. 28 meeting! Get a small taste of the photos in the Club Photo Gallery!

• Sunday, October 17-18: Tour De Wangers Show 'n Go Weekend, Oceanside, Calif.

Join Pontiac marketing legend Jim Wangers for a muscle car show 'n shine and drag racing out of his California collector car warehouse. And check out the "old/new" 1969 GTO prototype! For more information go to

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